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Academic Calendar & General Catalog


Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is published and maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Convocation, the first day of classes, holidays, last day of classes, finals, and Commencement are examples of the dates included in the Academic Calendar. Current and future Academic Calendars are available for viewing on-line.


General Catalog

The UCSB General Catalog is published on-line by the Registrar's Office and includes descriptions of all courses offered at UCSB during that academic year. Additionally, the UCSB General Catalog includes academic and major requirements for students in each college and major. Students are responsible for the requirements as they are stated in the catalog during the year in which they matriculate to UCSB.

The Schedule of Classes is published on-line by the Registrar's Office and includes a list of all courses to be offered at UCSB during each quarter of the academic year. Students can reference the UCSB General Catalog for descriptions of the courses they might want to enroll in during a particular quarter. The Schedule of Classes also includes information about each course, such as the date, time, location, and instructor(s).