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Calendar of Events


The Academic Calendar, which is maintained by the Registrar's Office, includes dates that are important to parents, such as holiday breaks, and commencement. Additionally, the calendar lists the first and last day of classes each quarter and final exam dates. Parents' support (e.g., an encouraging phone call or email) during final exams is invaluable to students.

The Associated Students' Campus Calendar provides the UCSB community with a list of current and future events happening at UCSB. Many of these are public events that are not restricted to students.

UCSB After Dark Late Night Social Programming provides funding for student groups to hold late night, and weekend entertainment and recreation options for UCSB students as alternatives to college parties.To learn more about the opportunities available to your student, you can visit the UCSB After Dark page. Encourage your student to participate in UCSB After Dark events.