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UCSB strives to meet the recreational needs of students with varying levels of interest and ability. These opportunities include intramurals, club sports, indoor and outdoor recreation, and intercollegiate athletics. Recreational activities help students relax,have fun, meet new people, and stay physically fit.

Intramural sports are offered quarterly to every student regardless of skill level. Intramurals include kickball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, and more.

Club sports are also open to all ability levels, but are often split into Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh/Novice experience levels. Club sports include cycling, fencing, lacrosse, rowing, rugby, and many more.

The Department of Recreation offers indoor and outdoor recreational activities including tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, swimming pools, and the Santa Barbara Harbor Sailing Facility.

Intercollegiate Athletic teams include basketball, track, cross country, tennis, water polo, swimming, soccer, volleyball, baseball (men only), golf (men only), and softball (women only).