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Residential & Property Security


Illegal entry to and theft of valuables from campus residence halls and in Isla Vista can occur, but students can greatly reduce their chances of becoming a victim of this crime by following some simple guidelines.

  • Students should lock all doors and windows and leave a light on even if they are only leaving for a few minutes or walking down the hall.
  • Roommates should both take keys when leaving the room so the door will not have to be left unlocked.
  • Students should photograph and record serial numbers of their valuables and store records in a safe place, such as their parents' house.
  • Local police stations and some residence halls provide engraving services and highly recommend students engrave valuable items, such as laptops and iPods.
  • When leaving home, students should place valuables out of sight. Additionally, they should not leave valuables unattended in public areas, including friends' rooms, the library, the UCen or other locations where people are coming and going.
  • Register bicycles with Community Service Organization (CSO). Encourage your student not to lock his or her bike only to the wheel and to always use a U-Lock.