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Bike Safety


Community Service Organization (CSO) officers are responsible for ensuring bicycle safety and maintaining the bicycle registration program.

Bicycle theft is a growing concern on campus, but can easily be prevented by using effective locks and locking practices, and through bicycle registration. CSO officers recommend using a U-shaped shackle lock combined with a cable lock, as well as locking the bicycle to a designated rack, rather than to itself. Bicycle registration, which is required by campus regulations, dramatically increases the recovery rate of stolen bicycles.

CSO officers are also responsible for bicycle safety education, and bicycle violation citations. If bicycles are illegally parked, a citation may be issued. Additionally, verbal warnings or citations maybe issued if students are inappropriately using the bike paths or potentially causing danger to other students. The most common infractions are riding on the sidewalk, two people riding one bike, riding with no hands, and skateboarding or walking on the bike path.