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Emergency Preparedness & Alert System


UCSB takes a proactive approach to emergency preparedness, and we urge students and parents to become familiar with the campus’ response procedures and plans. In the event of a serious incident which poses an immediate threat to members of the UC Santa Barbara community, the university has various systems in place for communicating emergency information. Some or all of these methods of communication may be activated in the event of an immediate threat to the UCSB campus community. UCSB Alert allows university officials to notify students, staff and faculty during an emergency by sending emails and text messages to designated accounts. 

Emergencies can happen any time without warning and UCSB considers physical and psychological preparedness to be both organizational and individual responsibilities. All students are automatically registered with UCSB Alert, our campus Alert Notification System. Students can add additional e-mails and/or phone numbers to receive alerts, via their UCSB Alert account.

As you prepare to send your student to UCSB, we encourage you to consider including an emergency kit that he or she should keep in an accessible location. Recommended items for the emergency kit include a week's supply of required medications, spare prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, contact lens solution, and any other items that are essential for your student to be prepared for an extended emergency situation.


Campus Alert System

UCSB Alert is an alert system that allows campus officials to send notifications to students and employees during an emergency. These types of events might include natural disaster, weather concerns, fires, or security threats. Individuals can register an e-mail address and cell phone with the notification system. All students are automatically registered for this free service.