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Billing, Accounts Receivable & Collections


The Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Collections (BARC) office maintains students' monthly bill statements, including registration fees, University-owned housing charges Student Health charges, and library fines. BARC issues an E-Bill notice to your student's University email account. Statements are no longer mailed to students' homes. Students can also access BARC statements on-line at MyBarc.

Students are officially held responsible for all BARC charges, and parents are not able to access statements or financial information unless their student has created a BARC Parent User Account or waived their right to privacy. Encourage your student to pay close attention to activity on their BARC account,because there are penalties for missing payments, such as being dropped from courses or blocked from registering for classes. Charges from off-campus businesses, privately-owned residence halls, and other privately-owned housing are not reflected on BARC statements and should be dealt with independently.


Gaucho E-Bill

The BARC Office sends monthly electronic statements called Gaucho E-Bills. Gaucho E-Bill is the electronic bill system employed to notify students of their financial obligation to the university. Billing statements are not mailed to students or parents. When a statement is available all students are sent an e-mail to their U-Mail account. The e-mail includes a link to a secure site where the student can log on to view, download or pay their BARC Account.

Establishing a Parent User

We recommend that ALL STUDENTS authorize at least one parent user and/or other user to receive e-Bill Notification. Once added by the student, parent/other users receive the same Gaucho E-Bill notifications and have the same ability to view/download statements and to pay online. Complete, step-by-step instructions on how to add one or more parent users can be found on the BARC website.

Fee Payment Deadlines

UCSB registration fees are billed on a quarterly basis. Students and parent users are sent an email notification one month prior to payment deadlines. The registration fee payment schedule can be found on the BARC website.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payments may be made by Gaucho E-Check (Electronic Checks), conventional paper check, money orders, credit card (online only; processing service fees apply), wire transfer or cash. Cash can only be accepted in person during Billing Cashier Office business hours. Payments from 529 education savings accounts are usually made directly from your 529 institution using either conventional check or wire transfer.

Avoid Late Payment

Payments need to be received by the due date to avoid losing space in registered classes and having late payment charges assessed. Please be sure to allow for sufficient mailing time (recommendation – seven days prior to the payment deadline).

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to students who are unable to meet their financial obligations by the specified deadline. Students may call the Billing Office at (805) 893-3756 or visit for further information.