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Social Work Service


A variety of factors including medical, academic, financial, emotional, family and social issues can affect a student’s performance and adjustment at UCSB. Students who are experiencing difficulties in any of these areas can meet with a social worker for assessment, links to community resources and services, ongoing support, advocacy, and monitoring. For students who may need to leave UCSB, a social worker can provide assistance in locating and obtaining continuing services. The social worker’s role is to meet with students, consult with other involved people (with the student’s permission), and identify the student’s obstacles, needs, strengths, and goals to develop a plan. Together the social worker and student develop a plan to access resources needed to meet their needs. The ultimate goal is for students to maximize their college experience while at UCSB.

Social work services are provided at no cost to the student through Student Health funding. UCSB social workers are also available to consult with parents, within the limits of confidentiality restrictions that protect medical information. This is a voluntary and confidential service, and we are unable to require students to attend appointments. For serious concerns, consult with a Student Health social worker or contact Student Mental Health Coordination Services. Social Work Services are available through Student Health at (805) 893-3087. Student Health information can be located here. Further information on responding to distressed students may be found by calling (805) 893-3030 or visiting the website: